It’s a given that not everyone in this world can afford the latest Ford Falcon or Holden Commodore. While many of us would be more than stoked to own this vehicle, it’s simply out of reach because of its high price. Because of this, many vehicle owners through Australia – and the world – choose to buy and drive older vehicles.

The older a vehicle is, the more affordable it is likely to be. While it’s most not likely as fuel efficient as some of the latest eco friendly vehicles, older vehicles are very reliable, given that you purchase the right make and model. An old vehicle that is taken care of well by its owner, can last for many many years – some vehicles actually costing you less that some of today’s latest vehicles out there.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a reliable and affordable vehicle, consider buying an older make and model. There are many reliable old vehicles out there – take a look at these old vehicles that are great for driving here. Once you’ve purchased an old vehicle, you can now follow this ‘Old Car Care Guide’ for tips and tricks on looking after your older model vehicle.

Older Vehice

How much should you spend on an old vehicle?

When it comes to buying older vehicles, it’s a given that these will be much cheaper than purchasing brand new cars. But there’s the question: how much should you spend on an old vehicle? This will depend on a number of things, including where you look for the vehicle, what your budget is and how much you’re willing to invest in potentially repairing the vehicle.

Before you go visiting any car dealerships, make sure you have a good look throughout the internet at places to buy old vehicles. On websites such as TradeMe and AutoTrader, you’re bound to find a number of old vehicles for sale. Most people are just after a quick sale, so you can always try negotiating on the listed price. You may find that some of these vehicles for sale need a few repairs in order to become roadworthy – this simply may mean that you need to source some second hand auto parts or take it into a local car mechanic.

How much should you spend repairing an old vehicle?

You don’t want to buy an older vehicle, only to find that it’s going to cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to repair! Unless it’s a classic car, this wouldn’t be worth the investment. It’s important that you’re fully aware of what your older vehicle could be costing you before you invest and more money or time into it.

Your best way to determine how much you should spend repairing an old vehicle is to bring it into a local car mechanic workshop. They’ll be able to inform you as to what types of repairs are required in order to get it fully road worthy and functional again. From there, you can make the decision as to whether it’s worth repairing or not.